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Our Values

Service | Teamwork | Fun | Education | Security | Caring

Guided by the belief that financial services need not feel stuffy or intimidating, ERSI helps a select group of families and businesses to reach better financial outcomes than they would have on their own. ERSI’s personalized wealth management and planning services are delivered by a caring, experienced team in a relaxed atmosphere, designed to encourage close-knit relationships. These values are the pillars which our team relies upon:

Service: Provide exemplary service and improving the client experience at all times. No exceptions, no excuses.
Teamwork: The team is the heart of our business. We share in one another’s successes and in the responsibility for making mistakes.
Fun: We allow ourselves to laugh and enjoy our time together in a relaxed, supportive setting.
Education: We share a commitment to learning. Never stop pursuing ways to better help our clients and better run our company.
Security: We commit our best efforts to protecting client information and being at the forefront of the ever-changing compliance.
Caring: With caring for each other and our clients, a deep bond is created assuring commitment. We are all part of the ERSI family.

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