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Exit Strategies

A Thousand Details, One Decision.

The enormous weight most business owners experience when preparing to exit their company is compounded by a multitude of decisions and emotions. It is almost impossible to make a decision of this complexity and vastness alone.

Additionally, no business exit strategy is ever straightforward or simple. Having a trusted advocate provides insight and guidance for decisions – helping the best path become evident.

At ERSI, we have been helping business owners for decades to determine what is important to them when exiting their business and how it can shape both their retirement and legacy.

The first step of any exit strategy is to find out your goals, both personal and professional. Every step has important considerations and our job is to help you end up at the right decision - whether a partial sale, family or employee succession, or full sale.

Many business owners that work with ERSI to coordinate a professional team have relatively little outside investments - the majority of their retirement and net worth is in the business. Understanding how much an exit can fund your retirement is insightful when making those final decisions.

We maintain a network of professionals to help our clients with their exit strategy. This includes law firms in multiple fields, accountants, merger & acquisition firms, insurance, bonding, property & casualty insurance, benefits consultants, business coaches, and a myriad of other specialists.

Every exit is complicated and no single decision fits every situation. Our role is to help you talk through the big picture and assemble the best team possible of advisors and consultants.

There is only one chance to get the exit of a business right, and the stakes are seldom higher. If you are considering an exit from your business, even if years from today, start a conversation with the team at ERSI.

Client Centered

Client Centered

As a business owner ourselves, we understand the stresses and subtle nuances of the job. We come from a place of empathy because we are literally in their shoes as business owners ourselves.


This common ground is why our clients truly become our friends.

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