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Quinnie Startzerwith ERSI since 2019

Quinnie Startzer

with ERSI since 2019

Director of Client Services

Quinnie Statzer currently serves as the Directory of Client Operations for ERSI. While an exceptional worker on her own accord, Quinnie has flourished in the team atmosphere at ERSI, “I love working with a team because you get exposed to new ideas and perspectives - everyone puts in their best effort and supports one another, making it feel like a family.”

Being a part of the ERSI culture has allowed Quinnie to appreciate the importance of helping people financially makes a real and meaningful difference in the lives of every client. To thrive at ERSI, Quinnie shares, “one must be willing to learn and wanting to improve yourself.”

Having studied at the University of Colorado for her Bachelor of Science, Quinnie has lived in the Colorado communities of both Denver and Aurora. Outside of college, her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee as it addresses the importance of personal character.

Her passion outside of the office can be described in one word - explorer. On Quinnie’s bucket list of locations to travel are Thailand, Peru (to climb Machu Picchu), and Spain (to run with the bulls) - she may not stop until she sees the whole world! When not traveling internationally, she can be found hiking the breathtaking local trails of Colorado with her dogs.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”